About Well Grounded Coffee

Our Mission

The Dignity Project, DBA Well Grounded Coffee Community blends coffee with philantropy. We run a coffee shop on Garland Rd in Dallas, but our mission is to transform lives through a process of work, education, community and faith.

Well Grounded Coffee Community is the vehicle that creates opportunity for individuals who are barely surviving life and helps them reach a higher level of purpose and social contribution.

The Four Pillars

Our Core Values


Our WGCC employees/partners will train and learn valuable business, barista, and life skills at the Coffee House. These skills will allow people who otherwise might struggle to find employment to thrive in the community at WGCC and beyond.


At WGCC, we will offer many opportunities to learn, not only to our employee/partners, but also the to the local community. We will offer a variety of classes such as GED, resume building, web building, all the way to salsa dancing, coffee art and cultural classes!


At WGCC, we are so serious about building community that it’s in our name! Our partners will find and embrace healthy community to build better lives for themselves and their families. Come be a part of the Well Grounded Coffee COMMUNITY!


Almost every person recognizes that they are not only physical beings, but spiritual beings as well. At WGCC, Faith drives everything else we do. Fueled by God’s love for us and our opportunity to receive second chances, we offer the same love and opportunity to others.

We roast our coffee with responsibility and passion. We hand-picked the world's most environmentally efficient roaster by partnering with locally-owned Full City Rooster.


Meet the Team!

Board Members

Michael & Natalie Huscheck​

Board Members, Co-Founders ​

Dave & Theresa Nixon​

Board Members


Natasha Weir

WGCC Graduate Barista, Board Member


Hannah Dorsey

Expert Barista, Creative Director, WGCC Leadership Team

Mollie Chinnery

WGCC Leadership Team

Barista Mentors

Teresa Gibson

Barista Mentor

Sarah Barros Cropped

Sara Barros

Barista Mentor

Well-Grounded Coffee Community Logo Placeholder

Nicole Yarbrough

Barista Mentor


Magdeline "Maggie" Pike

Social Media Director, Barista Mentor

Current Baristas

Angela Waltersheid

WGCC Graduate Barista


Taylor Martin

Tier II Barista

Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper

WGCC Graduate Barista

Olympia Harris

Tier II Barista

Jessica Hider

WGCC Graduate Barista

Former Members Who We Wish Well

Tyler & Alyx Jones​

Tyler & Alyx Jones​

Board Members

Maricela Espinosa

Tier Two Barista

November 2020-July 2021

Destiny Hall


December 2021-March 2022

Hanna Allen


November 2021-March 2022


Shacoria Clayton


October 2021-November 2021

Amber Winker

Tier II Barista


Leila Bakery