Well Grounded Coffee

Drink Coffee... Change Lives!

Thank you for your interest in our mission. We are a nonprofit coffee house in East Dallas that hires and uplifts marginalized women. We give 2nd chances! Here are three of our Barista Heroes and their success stories:


Board Member

Earned three promotions, invited to sit on the Board of Directors, and is rebuilding family relationships! Natasha was recently hired into the offices of another Dallas NonProfit where she helps women have hope and a brighter future!


Inventory Leader

Advanced to Inventory Leader, purchased a car with assistance from our car matching funds, was gifted a computer to take college classes! Angela was hired into a local accounting office to learn and grow with the company. She and her children have a very bright future ahead!



Advanced to Creative Director and Barista Mentor, purchased a car with assistance from our car matching, funds, is taking college classes, determined to create a very bright future for her sons!

Thank YOU for changing lives!

We would love to hear YOUR story!

Send us your story of life change to wellgroundedcoffeecommunity@gmail.com

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Thanks again for your interest in our mission!